Position ourselves as the most trusted partner in IT outsourcing 

Our Culture

Our culture


We always believe in ourselves and our organization, specifically our capability and our vision


We are happy and proud of our work and the value we create for customers


We are honest with ourselves and our customers


We are willing to overcome challenges without fear of failure

Continuosly learning

We are hard working and always research and develop the up-to-date technology


A Business focusing on “people” and “technology”

We are Rikai, who provides IT services and IT Consulting. In addtion to our services, we would like to be known as a business of “people and technology”. That is orginated from our basic stance, which is understanding “customer needs” and providing “valued technology” to our customers.

 In order to realize our vision, the “Organization of Human” is expected to grow steadily, speedily and sustainably accordingly three stages.

  • Stage 1: ” Organisation Founding Stage” ・ Aim to reach 500 employees in 5 years. Customers are small and medium-sized enterprises, start-up
  • Stage 2: “Organic Growth Stage” . Aim to reach 2,000 employees in the next five years. Customers are major companies
  • Stage 3: “Expansion Stage”. Expand the market to the EU, US and South Korea.